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Video: a blue-green decor over the water

Video: a blue-green decor over the water

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Let yourself be carried away by the song of a stream and the pleasure of enjoying a getaway in the heart of nature ... because today, the editorial staff of invite you to take a seat around a table set under the sign of water! A sober, mysterious, delicate and sophisticated blue-green decor that celebrates the color of softness.

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It is by admiring its reflection in the blue-green water of a lake that the table decoration draws its inspiration today. She dresses in a gray linen tablecloth, light as desired, on which a strip of romantic blue and cream wallpaper serving as a table runner comes to rest. Soft upholstery, subtly awakened by Mediterranean blue plates, followed by other gray models such as the tablecloth, then elegant tinted glasses. delicate bucolic touch as well as candles floating in cups of water. All that's left is to let yourself be carried away by the softness of the decor The decor tip: in this decor, the good idea to remember is none other than the strip of wallpaper used on the table runner for an original and very decorative rendering!Shopping: Cutlery Svit IKEA White wine glass and red wine Bedarande IKEA Flat plates, dessert plates, bowls and flower bowls Lagoon ALINEA Walis plates ALINEA Styling and staging by Véronique Antelme-Rambaldi.