An unusual night at the beach

An unusual night at the beach

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Spending a night facing the ocean, in a totally unusual habitat, you dreamed of it? Yann Falquerho, creator of ephemeral lodgings, gives you the possibility of it all summer long, on the Vendée beach.

A cargo crate washed up on the beach

In Saint-Jean-de-Monts, in Vendée, a privileged few will have the time to spend a night in an unusual and ephemeral place since there will only be space for the summer. This beach cottage was created as part of the Rêve de Plage summer festival, offered by the seaside resort of Saint-Jean-de-Monts, from July 8 to August 26. It is therefore on this very large beach in France, facing the Atlantic Ocean, that "La Folie", a converted cargo box, will soon be installed. It uses the codes of a cargo box stranded on the seafront. Designed to appeal to visitors, it invites them to live an extraordinary experience for an evening and a night, in complete privacy .

An intimate and crazy place

With a surface area of ​​20 m², it is pierced with an orifice making it possible to contemplate the sea fleetingly by jumping on a trampoline. "The vision of the sea will only be fragmented and will be all the more desirable," comments Yann Falquerho. Inside "La Folie", an inflatable cell accommodates a "mystery bed", which allows you to meet as a couple, protected from the gaze of the other. On the ceiling, a giant video screen will present guests with the history of Saint-Jean-de-Monts at the time of paid holidays and the Popular Front and the 4 CV.

View and count

With this simple equipment made of a bed and a video screen, the stripping of the cargo box gives way to dream and fantasy, to the sound of waves and wind. Video images and an odor box will stimulate the senses. A specific scent was also created for the occasion and produced by the French-American Jean-Christophe Le Grèves, the new American darling of perfume. Raw outside and singular inside, La Folie has a private terrace (with a table and two chairs) overlooking the sea, ideal for dining while admiring the sunset and for having breakfast, with a view breathtaking on the beach and the ocean.

Yann Falquerho, a brilliant designer

Yann Falquerho is at the origin of the urban gîte. It is known for its various amenities such as "L'Insolite", "La Cabane du Capitaine Nemo", "La Villa Hamster" or even "Villa Cheminée" which recreate, in ephemeral lodgings, the life seen by a hamster, by Captain Némo… In 2010, it was he who created the incredible "Villa Déchets", in Nantes, made of recycled products.

To spend a night in "La Folie":

From Sunday July 8 to Sunday August 26, 80 € per night (from 7 p.m. to 9 a.m.). Rental at the Tourist Office of Saint-Jean-de-Monts, 67 esplanade de la Mer, Tel. 0 826 887 887 or on the website Reservations open now.