Mistakes to avoid in decoration when changing seasons

Mistakes to avoid in decoration when changing seasons

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The decor is also a question of season! So when a new season arrives, you have to think about adjusting its decoration. Here are some mistakes to avoid in your decor when you go through the winter.

Do not use the same curtains

When winter approaches, we need to caulk in our interiors to escape the cold of this season. For this, we are thinking of changing the light curtains that we had used for the summer season. We will then rather rely on heavy and thick curtains which will insulate us from the cold. You can choose taffeta, velvet or thick cotton.

Don't neglect the rugs

If you had removed your carpets during the summer, it's time to take them out! In fact, during the summer, the carpets provide a feeling of warmth that we prefer to avoid, but winter is just what we are looking for. So have thick and fluffy carpets on your floors especially if you have tiling or another coating with a slightly cold appearance. Cozy atmosphere guaranteed!

Don't forget the accessories

In a decor, it is often the accessories that make the difference! For winter, exchange your flowery and refreshing accessories for warmer ones. Remember to have warm blankets on the sofa and armchairs but also on the bed. Change the covers of your cushions for example and add accessories that remind of winter like pine cones. Also consider changing your scented candles for more winter scents. You will even find candles that smell of chimney fire.

Do not keep the same materials

In general, do not keep the same materials as summer for the winter season. For example, change light fabrics for more generous fabrics and swap the liberty fabric for fake fur or wool. In the bedroom, you will change your bed linen for something warmer and thicker than the linen sheets that we appreciate so much in summer.

Don't stuff too much

If winter makes us want to stay warm, we must not neglect the ventilation of your rooms. In fact, the air must circulate easily and you must ventilate the room daily by first having to turn off the heating so as not to waste energy. In the same way, do not overheat your interior for your well-being and respect for the planet.


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