Sandrine's chalet-style lounge

Sandrine's chalet-style lounge

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. Bistro chairs (2 Lots of 2) Color: Natural wood Dimensions L.P.H: 45 x 53 x 89 cm - Seat height: 46cm Packing: Lot of 2 Material: Elm structure, seat in agathis LE GRENIER ALPIN Alpine pine furniture and mountain decoration Interior colors for a chalet atmosphere all year round Cologne coffee table KEN 1022 KEN coffee table 1021 ROBIN DU LAC Points of sale: 00 352 23 64 111 Square table in oak and recycled wood Very original, this table is for its cubic base in crosses in oak with white patina to the old and for its tray in recycled old wood. Very vintage and flea market. Dimensions and weight:
• Length / Width: 110 cm
• Height: 74 cm
• Weight: 27 kg INTERIORS DECO FLEA MARKET For furniture customization: Ivoirine aged paint Cocoa bean aged paint Wood preparation 2 Whitewash brushes LIBERON


. ALSAFLOOR laminate parquet "SARDAIGNE Oak 619" The EPI Laminate Flooring is designed for quick and easy installation for non-professional people: - in floating installation (the coating is not glued to the support, it is installed) - by fitting the blades, fitting the tongue in the groove. The show offers it in the office in 12 mm thickness with chamfers, PPE FLOORING RELAX Gray rug 160 x 230 cm Ref: 51001/49 SAINT MACLOU


. 3 Cottage Stripe Sham Beige Cushions 2 Cottage Ticking Sham Beige Cushions LEXINGTON List of sales outlets HERE 2 Pairs of LIN Natural curtains with eyelets Matt silver 3 Roman LIN metal boat blinds HEYTENS


. "… The driftwoods, deeply impregnated with sea salts, defy time. They bring serenity and refinement. Our timeless designs are part of a creative process recognized and sought after by decoration professionals. They decorate interiors contemporary or classic through a full range of table lamps, sconces, floor lamps, pendant lights, furniture and decorative items. A know-how of more than 15 years gives our production the label of Artisanal Creation of very high quality recognized in Europe. " FLEET WOOD WORKSHOP For our 6th participation in the show, we have created the TOT-HEM range, made in a rare and exceptional wood: petrified oak which guarantees the durability of the object for decades. This new line consists of a 60 cm table lamp, with a 40 cm diameter cylindrical lampshade and a 1.85 m floor lamp, 70 cm diameter lampshade. These models will imbue the most demanding decors with their personality… In previous shows: -DUINNE: driftwood living room lamp from the BLACKSAND range. Contemporary and elegant, it seduces with the staging of its unique little woods, with its proportions (40x17 cm ht 34 cm), by the covering of its base in Wengé-stained beech. - CHANDELIER LE ZOUT: several times present D&CO emissions LE ZOUT chandeliers (in Ø 90 or 140, round or oval) fill the space of the rooms of your interior, whatever the heights under ceiling - LAMPADAIRE ARCH II: Range of floor lamps from 1.80 to 3 ml in height - MIRRORS: all sizes available in all shapes. The intermingling of the woods enchants the eyes, which never tire ... FLEET WOOD WORKSHOP 1 APHELION floor lamp PM black lamp stand TIMOR XXL Architect floor lamp black CASTORAMA


. Sepia photo boards: 3041: "Bamboo forest, China." 8717: "Giant bamboos bordering a river in the Kwangnin region of China." 5496: "Exotic tree, Honolulu, 1927" THE PHOTOFACTORY Mural : Dulux Valentine Architect Painting - Velvet Satin - Smoked Dulux Valentine Architect Painting - Velvet Satin - Intense White Dulux Valentine Painting - Ultra Resist Kitchen - Nutmeg DULUX VALENTINE ARCHITECT range only for sale at Leroy Merlin


. 4 Placemat Straw Placemats 4 Napkin Ring Straw Napkin Rings 4 Authentic Striped Oxford Napkin Beige Stripe Napkins LEXINGTON TWENTY4 water glasses The TWENTY4 water glass has elegant and refined curves. Very resistant, the TWENTY 4 glasses can withstand many shocks !!! TWENTY4 red wine glasses TWENTY4 wine glasses are the ultimate accessory for any good wine tasting !!! With its design and its refined forms they will make a sensation on your table… TWENTY4 decanter The TWENTY4 LEONARDO Carafe features sublime curves while transparency, a height of 27cm. Leonardo - a renowned German manufacturer of tableware - offers you decanters with original shapes, flared necks… TWENTY4 plates LEONARDO created the original TWENTY4 plate, this model of 23cm in circumference will be ideal to present an entry in a design and contemporary way… LEONARDO TWENTY Plates The 27cm TWENTY4 plate - signed by LEONARDO - will be ideal for serving different dishes, with a very contemporary presentation… THE PELICAN


. MODELLO white vase 45cm This superb MODELLO vase has a superb white glass finish. Its original and refined form will find its place perfectly in all types of interiors. MODELLO vase The MODELLO LEONARDO design vase is a superb white vase. Léonardo is one of the essential brands of tableware and decoration. Léonardo is also the guarantee of impeccable vase quality… THE PELICAN Stalagmite Vase PM Brown OHG410024 Flared Mineral Vase OHG410027 White Stalagmite Vase OHG410025 PM Handle Vase Gray OHG410011 Zen Cup MAN720015 Kriza Vase SSE410005 Royal Black Tray FSA720019 Folk Bird Cup DSY720002 Grafase Vase CRA410001 PM OHG410016 Vase Tree trunk GM OHG410015 COMING B The candles : Silver Birch & Fig Candle Garden P95426 Vanilla Bourbon 3 Wicks Candle S65181 Silver Birch & Fig Mini Candle Jar G33851 Black Cherry Ball Candle Mini G3382 3 Wicks Black Cherry Candle Jar G3482 Divine Cocktail Candle G44418 Maxi Candle Divine cocktail V05418 Candle pot 3 wicks Divine cocktail G84418 Pillar holder Creativity P90797 Ivory tapered candles P0611 White tapered candle P0710 PARTYLITE