Chic tableware at tea time

Chic tableware at tea time

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Tea, a few cakes and good friends, these are the ingredients for a delicious break. But with chic and refined dishes, it's even better! Here are our tips for combining the pleasure of the taste buds and the pleasure of the eyes… When the table is covered with precious dishes, tea time becomes a special moment. The idea? Swap classic cups, plates, glasses and teapots for models with aesthetic shapes, flowing lines and adorned with sophisticated details. Porcelain, ceramic, cast iron or polycarbonate: whatever your preference! The main thing is that each element of your dishes is chosen in the same spirit: Louis XVI style, crystalline appearance, poetic patterns or artistic forms. Then we carefully place everything on the table. Contrary to the minimalist principle, we do not hesitate to add more: a pretty tablecloth, assorted towels, a bucolic touch and a parade of delicacies take possession of the space! Precisely, we must not forget the display or the cake tray, essential when the tea break puts elegance in the spotlight. There is also a dessert plate under the saucers for guests to serve themselves as madeleines, cupcakes and cannelés; and finally, let the teapot make its majestic entrance. Chic and convivial treat in perspective… Discover our selection of tableware for a very chic tea break.


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