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Video: make an exotic bouquet

Video: make an exotic bouquet

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Since summer has arrived, we dream of travel and exoticism. Fortunately, even without going far, it is possible to give a tropical touch to your daily life thanks to a decoration strongly inspired by hot countries. Even bouquets of flowers are no exception to the rule! At least that is what this pretty creation shows us which will give an air of elsewhere to your interior…

Watch the video :

Level: way Completion time : 20 minutes Indicative cost: 50/60 € Necessary material : exotic flowers such as red and pink alpinia, heliconia, aspidistra, pandanus, strelitzia leaves + a small pineapple + a sea rope

Steps :

- Cut each flower at different height to have a degraded rendering - Assemble the flowers vertically, starting by squeezing two heliconia stems in parallel - Add the alpinia by positioning its flowers opposite those of the heliconias - Alternate alpinia red and pink - Add the pandanus - Tie the bouquet in the middle with a rope to hold it in place - Place the pineapples at the bottom of the bouquet and a strelitzia leaf - Tie the bouquet at the bottom using a marine rope, rope resistant that does not damage the flowers - Place the bouquet in a transparent vase to accentuate its slender structure The decor idea: if the bouquet is placed on a table or dresser, dress it beforehand with a brightly colored tablecloth or table runner so as to emphasize the exotic and tropical style… Creation and flowers: Watercolor