A mobile to make children dream

A mobile to make children dream

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From an early age, mobiles give a very playful atmosphere to the child's room and allow the little ones to wake up. Above the baby bed or in the decoration of a young child's bedroom, the mobile creates the decor!

A mobile to wake up babies

For the little ones, there are very fun mobiles to attach above the bed to help baby fall asleep and have sweet dreams. Some models even double as a music box that will act as a lullaby. In terms of decoration, babies particularly appreciate small colorful stuffed animals. You can also opt for phosphorescent mobiles which will also serve as night lights in the baby's room.

A mobile to decorate the bedroom of older children

For adults, all fantasies are allowed! We find mobiles in wood, others in metal and even with feathers. We no longer place it above the child's bed, but we highlight an angle of the room or we place it in the center of the room to brighten up the space.

Build your mobile

If your child enjoys manual work, know that you can also make your own mobile. You will bring with it wooden sticks and fishing line. You can then hang whatever you want on the rods provided it is not too heavy. Make way for creativity! Discover our selection of mobiles for the children's room: