The dream bedroom of fashionistas

The dream bedroom of fashionistas

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Notice to shopping enthusiasts! Since the bedroom is the favorite place where we try out new outfits, why not make your wardrobe the master word of the decor? Inspired by the windows of clothing stores, dresses, shoes, bags, jackets and hats are shown and exposed. Let fashion dictate the decor!

Wardrobes and coat hooks take over the room

Locked in a wardrobe, difficult for the wardrobe to stand out! Given that fashion enthusiasts make selections of choice for their clothes, it is better to display them in the bedroom, as full-fledged elements of the decor! For this purpose, it is enough to hang rods from the ceiling or between two walls completed with one or two wardrobes arranged here and there, to surround yourself with your most beautiful clothes. The walls should not be forgotten either: by hanging a farandole of decorative coat hooks, the bags, hats and scarves are no longer hidden, they are put on stage.

The shoes in the first row

When you no longer count your pairs of shoes, putting them all away in the hall can become a difficult task. They then easily find their place in the bedroom, where we indulge in evening dresses and new purchases. In addition to a classic shoe storage, we choose decorative cardboard boxes to store them in style, without hesitation to display the prettiest on the dresser or on a stack of boxes. The room seems to have found its footing!

Very feminine decorative accessories

The final touch of a fashionable decor? An XXL mirror or a psyche mirror to see yourself from top to bottom! The must have is to choose it surrounded by bulbs to give a cinema studio feel. We can also complete the decor of a dresser reserved for perfume and makeup, and a large metal mannequin that would accentuate the feminine and 100% fashion spirit of the bedroom.


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