Wedding meal: everything to create a chic natural decor

Wedding meal: everything to create a chic natural decor

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In search of inspiration for the decoration of your wedding day table, we have selected a white / green color code combining elegance and nature. The white color dresses almost everything - tablecloth, dishes, chairs, walls, light fixtures - before being delicately enhanced by subtle green notes, here is a very chic list.

A ceiling of roses

Choose roses to magnify the decor of the reception room, not original enough? It depends ! Artificial rosebuds hanging dozens above our heads are enough to impress us. As for the ceiling, it has never been so sumptuous.

A plant centerpiece

And if we played the card of simplicity in all subtlety for the centerpiece? A transparent container, a sprig of greenery and a few white flowers could make up the magic formula. Vegetable delicacy in the spotlight.

Grass-colored napkins

The call of nature continues with napkins chosen in a grass green color. The right idea? Fold them high on each plate to give relief to the table and subtly enhance the chic of the decor.

Ivy on the chairs

The final touch to refine the natural decor of the wedding? Place ivy here and there on the guests' chairs. Then we let ourselves be enchanted by the whole created…