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The musical patterns make us vibrate!

The musical patterns make us vibrate!

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Treble clefs, K7, musical instruments, notes… the musical universe is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for decoration. Whether you are an amateur or confirmed musician, music lover or simple lover of "vibes", immediately adopt the musical inspiration patterns for an atmosphere full of swing!

Where to find them?

Musical patterns are available on all kinds of support: cushions, bed linen, stickers, crockery ... All the trendy brands of the moment offer them: funny cushions in the shape of a treble clef, guitar or piano at Pouce & Lina, Anne Claire Petit or Fleux; rock bed linen at So Home or Esprit Maison… The stickers stretch in infinite partition at and by bringing their black and white graphic touch. Another decorative idea, the silhouettes of great musicians (Mozart, Beethoven…) are also available in the world of stickers, as a decorative nod to the undisputed masters of music.

Create a decorative atmosphere

You can orchestrate a decoration on the theme of music without falling into the "conservatory" style! We therefore avoid the total score look to play on the graphics of musical prints with small touches. The patterns adapt to any room, living room, kitchen, toilet (!) But remain the darlings of our teens who particularly appreciate them in their rooms. How about waltzing their decor again?