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Video: heating your pool water

Video: heating your pool water

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The good weather is there, you want to take a dip in your pool. Only the temperature of the water is too low for your taste, and you are rather chilly. However, the sun is there. Although some swimming pool structures are designed to heat water in a natural way, there are also tarpaulins and heating elements that do not reach exorbitant prices. Christophe Prudhon, installer of swimming pools, gives an overview of the solutions available to you. Discover his proposals, on video!

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Heating systems

First of all, it is important to note that polyester structures retain heat better than concrete structures. On average, the water benefits from 3 to 5 degrees more. In addition, if your pool is placed in a sunny location, you are likely to reach very pleasant temperatures. If this is not enough, you can opt for different solutions: - the bubble cover: in summer, it allows you to heat your pool with the rays of the sun, but also to maintain the temperature during the night, when the cold settles. - installation of a heating element: this can take the form of an electric heater, a heat pump or a photovoltaic system, powered by solar energy. While the electric heater will be installed in the technical room of your pool, the heat pump will be placed outside. The only rule being to locate it within 50 cm of an obstacle to have the best possible air circulation.

Before any installation

Before proceeding with the installation, it is important to note that the nature of the basin varies the temperature of the water it receives. For example, the color of the polyester shell is a key factor. If the latter is blue, the water will tend to be warmer than if it is white, since it will better capture the sun's rays. The decision to install a heating system should not be made hastily as it is not essential. Moreover, many individuals do not have it because during the summer period, the water temperature reaches between 24 and 32 degrees depending on the nature of the material used for your pool. This equipment will especially allow you to extend your swimming period, and maintain a stable temperature during the summer. You now know the different solutions for heating your pool water. More or less expensive, they will nevertheless allow you to take advantage of your pool for a little longer, and to enter it more quickly for the chilly! Find Heating a swimming pool water on Produced by Minute Facile.