Zoom on the non-woven wallpaper

Zoom on the non-woven wallpaper

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Nowadays the back of a wallpaper can be paper or non-woven. The latter is an easy-to-install wallpaper for an incomparable result: a revolution in the world of decoration. Solid and trendy, the non-woven wallpaper offers an infinity of possibilities in terms of decorative aspect and a unique robustness for a result that meets your expectations. For your enjoyment, you will be able to initiate yourself to decoration with ease.

The choice of non-woven fabric for easy installation

The characteristic of this wallpaper lies in the installation and removal. It ensures better adhesion to the wall and ease of installation and cutting. The difference compared to wallpapers whose back is made of paper, remains in the application of the special non-woven glue. This is placed directly on the wall to allow the paper to be fixed with ease. No need to soak, nor a upholstery table, the non-woven simplifies the installation of the wallpaper for a quick and impeccable result. Another advantage, this product does not tear during installation and cutting. In the case of a change of decoration and wallpaper, removing it is a breeze because it comes off easily.

Classic, contemporary, nature, industrial…

The non-woven fabric adapts to all styles and colors. Your walls will be dressed in colors and patterns that match your theme and your desires. A wide choice of prints exists to achieve the desired decoration in every detail. For a very natural atmosphere in your room, opt for floral prints. They will bring plants into your interior for a zen and balanced space. If you want to move towards a classic and refined decoration in your living room, for example, adopt wallpaper with classic prints and sober tones. In a more modern perspective, choose geometric shapes, 3D effects or the contrast of black and white in order to achieve a decoration in tune with the times. The wallpaper lends itself to all fantasies.

Trendy and modern, the non-woven inspires

The aesthetic characteristics of the non-woven wallpaper offer an infinity of patterns and styles to meet your decorating expectations. With effects or all in colors, the non-woven paper is original and trendy to achieve a modern atmosphere. Easy to install and take off, the non-woven fabric provides advantages for assembly and for concealing imperfections in the support to which it is applied. Its textile and fibrous aspect ensures a warm, soothing side in the house for decoration while refinement.