Very decorative shelves for the kitchen

Very decorative shelves for the kitchen

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Creativity and originality intrude today in the kitchen. Living and warm room par excellence, you can make colors, lines and materials explode in the wind! In terms of shelves, it is now possible to get out of the eternal white wall shelf. Demonstration.

Play the deco card thoroughly

Improvise a decorative theme in your kitchen (design, retro, countryside ...) and get started! The shelves are made to display your treasures and make the utensils accessible, but also to be seen. Pick among the novelties of decorative signs and accessorize your walls without moderation. It's even prettier if you line it up with beautiful tea boxes, retro jars or colored glasses. Arty effect guaranteed!

Make your own shelves

All you need is a little equipment and elbow grease to make your own shelves with a unique look. Pick up empty crates and crates from your grocer and wine merchant. Fix the crates (bottom against the wall) on the wall of your kitchen with screws and large dowels. Add a medium board in the middle for an additional shelf. Two staggered crate shelves with pretty jars will bring a retro chic look to your kitchen! If you have a little space, fix the wine boxes between them after having customized them (by sticking pretty mismatched wallpapers to the bottom for example). It is even better if they are assembled asymmetrically, like a Tetris! Perfect for displaying your kitchen treasures.


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