What to do in case of condensation on the windows?

What to do in case of condensation on the windows?

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Question from Sandrine


Answer: have a precise diagnosis of the humidity level in the apartment and target its origin before installing aluminum windows

Hello Sandrine, from what you say, it seems that you have a real problem of constant humidity in your apartment that you have just completely redone. First of all, it would be necessary to have a diagnosis carried out by an authorized company in order to be able to determine the exact origin of the humidity in your apartment and its percentage. In your case, it would seem that the problem comes from poor insulation of the windows, but before making this type of investment, it is better to be completely sure! If this were the case, it would be necessary to change your windows which are poorly insulated. Today, the aluminum window with thermal break wins all the votes. It is more ecological and aesthetic than PVC, less expensive than wood and it has no limits in terms of design. Then comes the choice of glazing, double without hesitation. In its classic version, the double glazing encloses a tiny amount of air which will act against heat loss and the cold wall effect. The double glazing with reinforced insulation has a thin intelligent layer which will preserve the heat inside the winter and play on the limitation of heat diffusion. The advantage of this upper double glazing is real since its insulating power is double. Know that changing your windows is a long-term investment and that this judicious choice will significantly reduce your heating bills, insulate you durably and solve these humidity problems. You too, send us your decoration question