How do I make my stairs look good?

How do I make my stairs look good?

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More considered as a place of passage than a space in its own right, the stairs are often shunned in terms of decoration. Too bad, because with good ideas easy to apply, the ascent and descent of the steps can suddenly take another shape. Inspire yourself.

Painting the risers

Special floor paint can be of great service when it comes to beautifying stairs. You can for example paint the risers by alternating or not the colors in order to energize them. The other clever way to customize them if you want to accentuate an original and offbeat side is to create stencils or patterns on it. Imagine a written message that you read from bottom to top or from top to bottom!

Fix a carpet on the steps

Do-it-yourselfers, handymen ... by fixing a long, narrow carpet on your stairs, the descent of the steps becomes majestic and elegant. The two key stages of this development? Measure the width and height of each step beforehand to determine the length of the carpet (which must be chosen with care to enhance the decor) and use a stapler and nailer to attach it to the base of each riser then on their upper edge. So, are we up to the challenge?

Install decorative objects along the wall

What if we bet on the walls to change the look of the stairs? You can hang a series of well-arranged paintings, canvases or photographs. If space allows, you can even attach custom shelves against the wall to hold collections, trinkets and beautiful books. It is certain, your stairs will not be the same…