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Mistakes to Avoid by the Pool

Mistakes to Avoid by the Pool

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And here are the holidays and with them, the long days by the pool. But to make the place really pleasant, the decor has a role to play! And for summer to be peaceful, it will also be necessary to think about security. Here are the mistakes to avoid by the pool.

Do not leave the pool without a security system

First, note that the installation of a security system is mandatory for inground pools. On the other hand, do not hesitate to multiply the different systems. You can for example opt for a fence around the pool but also choose an alarm that will detect falls in the pool. Likewise, do not allow children to bathe without supervision.

Do not opt ​​for a slippery surface

Around the inground pool but also around the outdoor kitchen or on the terrace, be sure to use a non-slippery floor covering. In fact, when your feet are wet, it will be essential that the coating be non-slip to limit accidents. Do not hesitate to ask the seller for advice during the purchase, he will then offer you an optimal coating according to the configuration of your garden.

Don't stay indoors

Enjoying the swimming pool is one thing, but you can also extend the pleasure of summer by settling outside as much as possible. Indeed, do not hesitate to move your living room outside and think of the summer kitchens that will allow you to take your meals outside by the pool.

Do not neglect the decor

Just because the pool is a place of fun doesn't mean it shouldn't be decorative! First, highlight it with suitable lighting. Then you can have LED light objects on the edge of the pool. You will even find floating luminous balls! Finally, opt for garden furniture that will give a global style to your pool: designer or romantic furniture, the choice is yours. Find a wide choice of pools on our price comparison: above ground pool, tubular or freestanding pool.