Santa's red and white coat dresses the house

Santa's red and white coat dresses the house

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Each year, the reluctance to choose the colors that will embellish the house for the holidays is the same. Silver, golden, colorful? What if you let Santa's habit get involved in the staging? Because if there is indeed an event in the year where the ultra-traditional decor is not in bad taste, it is at Christmas. You have the red and white decor and let the magic begin… The recipe for a fairytale red and white decor could well be defined as a real game of contrasts. With accessories sometimes red on white, sometimes white on red, all that remains is to mix everything well and let the ideas merge!

On textiles

The sofa welcomes with open arms a range of cushions with Scandinavian influences. The white models are covered with alpine patterns to accentuate the traditional spirit of the decor: deer, flakes, Vichy tiles or hearts delicately embroidered in red thread, and vice versa.

On Christmas accessories

Whitened branches gracefully escape from large red vases adorning the entrance, while a series of white candlesticks carry red candles on their shoulders. On the side of the lanterns, we alternate. One is red, the other is white, and even the light garlands they house play the game! The tree which sits proudly in the living room in turn follows the movement, before being joined by the ornamental socks hung near the fireplace.

On the table

And it's not finished yet. We also offer this enchanting pair of colors in tableware. On a tablecloth or table runners with red and white patterns, we install the porcelain service without omitting to multiply the decorative accessories: garlands of pearls, candle holders, containers in which we place some carefully selected Christmas balls ... Warmly wrapped in her red and white coat, the decor leaves you dreaming…