Move a troublesome power line

Move a troublesome power line

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Because of an improperly located electric pole, for example, you have trouble entering your property, cutting down your facade or you cannot enlarge your house or build the pool of your dreams. Be aware that it is possible, under certain conditions, to move this annoying pole.

Moving a power line: the procedures

If the electric pole bothers you to build a garage, a swimming pool or any other work, you must, first of all, apply for a building permit or prior declaration of work to the town hall of your municipality, and obtain them . It is only after that that you can enter the manager of the electrical distribution network. For the part located between your meter and the low and medium voltage networks, this is most often the responsibility of ERDF. To find out which agency is in charge of the work to be carried out, consult the site, section "Who to contact?". A manager will then come to your home and, after a technical study, will make you, ten days later on average, a technical and financial offer accompanied by a work schedule. After acceptance of the quote, the schedule must be respected.

Moving a power line: financial aid

If it is real estate work that motivates your request to move the pole or the electric cable, part of the work may be covered by ERDF under certain conditions. Similarly, if the power line bothers you to access your property and the "ease of roads" are not respected, or the line interferes with the view, make your request through your town hall. Because then, to obtain payment of costs, the request must come from the municipality.

Moving a power line: which network manager?

Since 2007, the year in which the electricity and gas market was opened to competition, you can turn to other energy suppliers than EDF and GDF-Suez. However, today, almost the entire electrical network is managed by ERDF and it is therefore to this network manager that you will send your request for line modification. All the services offered are subject to a regulatory price. But when it comes to modifying existing installations, the price depends on the importance of the work and is established on estimate.