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Video: tips and tricks for pruning trees

Video: tips and tricks for pruning trees

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Your garden is certainly the fruit of a lot of happiness but also of some questions. And one of the main problems comes from the size of the trees. How to go about doing this operation properly, giving the desired shape to his tree? Guy Tournellec, gardening trainer, gives you some precious advice for caring for your trees, applicable even if you don't have a green thumb. Take a look at it, on video!

Watch the video

Shape your tree

As part of this demonstration, Guy chose a plane tree mulberry tree as an example. In any case, the easiest way is to prune the trees after the leaves have fallen, in order to easily discern each branch of your tree. The first step is to cut the dead branches. Then it all depends on the shape you want to give your tree. In the case of the plane tree mulberry, the goal is to trim it horizontally, in order to provide shade to your garden. So you can remove the branches that grow vertically. But be careful, cut them out at the bottom.

Cut the right branches

Regarding the highest branches, take a step ladder, and don't forget the basic safety rules: stabilize it well, and ask someone to hold it when you are on it. Once you can safely prune, remove the dead branches there as well. On the other hand, if two branches get in the way of their development, cut the weaker one. This reduces the risk of friction with the wind, and therefore possible injuries. Also take care to choose the place where you cut. It is essential to always cut at the level of a bud. And to choose the latter, choose the one that goes in the direction you want to give to your branch.

Tree health

Finally, be careful never to leave a wound untreated. Gangrene quickly arrives, and can quickly become fatal to your tree. You now know how to properly prune a tree, and give it the look you want. Thanks to these tips and tricks, your garden will be all the more radiant! Find Prune a tree and cut its branches on Produced by Minute Facile.