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Soft and soothing colors in the house

Soft and soothing colors in the house

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If the bright colors took over during the summer, you may also want softness and soothing. This is where pastel colors come in, these subtle and delicate shades have the advantage of adding color to our decor while remaining discreet. Soft pink, almond green, baby blue or pale yellow, the whole house can enjoy this romantic and tart atmosphere. Discover our selection for a pastel decor.

How to use pastel in your interior?

Colorful but always discreet, pastel goes well with natural and neutral elements. It can thus be used to awaken without too much aggressiveness a white or light wood kitchen. For example, you can equip yourself with pastel shades like the almond breakfast collection by Russell Hobbs or a KitchenAid ice blue or pale yellow robot. But pastel can also be used to soften dark furniture. Powder-colored cushions on a black or dark gray sofa make it lighter. As you can see, pastel almost always has everything good, but avoid mixing pastel colors together as this will create confusion.

Soft colors in the child's room

If these soft colors can be used in any room in the house, we especially like them in children's rooms because they evoke childhood and innocence. Associated with gray or taupe walls, pastel colors bring a little cheerfulness but all in nuance. If you want to dodge the overly classic pink for girls and blue for boys, bet on more current tones like celadon or pale yellow.