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Creative ideas for using masking tape on walls

Creative ideas for using masking tape on walls

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Repositionable, easy to use, leaving no trace once removed and available in an infinite palette of colors and patterns: yes, it is difficult to resist masking tape when it comes to customizing decorative items at low cost ... but not only ! The walls also require a personalized makeover full of creativity and fantasy. So let's stock up on ideas to enhance our vertical decor with this washi paper ribbon.

Display a poster

Impossible not to find a masking tape to his liking. There are striped ones, decorated with flowers, dots, crosses, plain, soft or flashy in color. So rather than hanging your posters, postcards and photos on the wall using Patafix, fix their four corners with a piece of this very decorative ribbon! The other possibility? Improvise a frame around each of them. This is the masking tape attitude! The rendering is arty and will not go unnoticed…

Write a word

Let the walls speak! With masking tape ribbons of different colors and patterns, we form letters, we write a word. It can be the name of the owner of the room, a poetic word like "Dream" or a city that strongly attracts us like "New York". If you are an artist, express yourself!

Make a frieze on the wall

Creating an original and ephemeral frieze is possible with masking tape! Take two or three separate models, ensuring color harmony, and opt if possible for equally different thicknesses. This choice will create rhythm and dynamism on the wall. Then remember to mark in pencil the position of the frieze on the wall before unrolling the adhesive. It's your turn !