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Test: Riviera & Bar digital Vario Plus blender

Test: Riviera & Bar digital Vario Plus blender

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Sometimes you have to know how to sacrifice yourself for household appliance science and not back down from insurmountable obstacles such as a blender test. If you do not understand why the test of a blender can be very dangerous, it may be because you have been used to what you are offered to enjoy a smoothie with a blender. I don't like smoothies for once and after watching several blender test videos, I realized that everyone was trying the smoothie and I don't want to do like everyone else, and I don't like the smoothie (let's repeat it). There was only one option left, the alcohol cocktail to rediscover what a blender is really for, and in particular the Digital Vario Plus blender from Riviera & Bar. In moderation too, it is obvious. I still added a pancake batter to it, just to mop it up. The test finished (we will come back to this later), it was very difficult to continue. Fortunately my professional conscience was stronger and that is the reason why I am here (but there will certainly be spelling mistakes, I warn you).

The originality of the Digital Vario Plus blender

If I asked to test this blender, it is because it offers a timer. A small LCD screen above the keys displays when the device is started a counter, which lets you know how long the blender has been running. Let's be honest, in general we mix in our blender until the result satisfies us but it is true that on several blender recipes, you are warned for example to mix 20 or 30 seconds ... but who really matters? No one, of course, or you are really a kitchen freak. With this blender therefore, no need to count, just read the timer. Interest level, we are in the gadget but showing off, we are at the top: "Hey come see, my blender can count!".

The qualities of the Vario Plus blender

Fortunately, the attractiveness of this blender is not based solely on this originality since by unpacking the product, we immediately see that we are dealing with quality equipment. First of all the bowl is made of heat resistant glass of 2 liters and not plastic. Plastic blenders wear out more easily, they end up being ugly while the glass blender will show no signs of weakness (unless you drop it a meter high, but that's another problem). This blender is also equipped with a 6-blade star knife. Here we are in the same scenario as men's razors, we are adding more and more blades. Of the 2 blenders I already own (don't say anything), they only have 4 blades. Is it really more efficient? I also appreciated its tightly sealed lid which sticks perfectly to the bowl, so much so that it can be difficult to get it out of there but at least you will not re-upholster your kitchen during its operation. Finally, at the program level, there are 5 speeds which can be coupled to a sequential mode as well as a crushed ice function. The sequential mode allows you to use a certain power for the time the button is pressed, so it is different from the pulse mode that you can usually have on blenders because the pulse mode always works at full power. For the operation, I leave you as usual now to watch the video of the test: To finish some details which have their importance or not. First the technical specifications, the blender has a power of 750 W which is more than enough, we will say that it is in the middle high at the level of powerful blenders. Its weight is 4.5 kg so neither too light (important for good stability), nor too heavy (it can be moved easily). Then, my little flat with the graduation: if there is a graduation with both ml, l, ozs and cups on the bowl (nice for making American recipes), unfortunately a French graduation is missing on the measuring cap . It was to look for the little beast because otherwise this blender is, in my opinion, a good acquisition (margarita effect?) Blender Digital Vario Plus, Riviera & Bar, PR370A, 119.99 €