Bistro style in my kitchen!

Bistro style in my kitchen!

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Do you like to hunt around, do you like universes that exude authenticity? And if you were inspired by Parisian bistros to decorate your kitchen under the sign of retro and conviviality? The room where you simmer your small dishes would undoubtedly become a place to live. Here's how to do it in 2 lessons.

Craft furniture

To recreate a real brasserie decor, furnishing is a major step. Like traditional bistros, we opt for professional furniture, mixing wood, metal structure and brass shell handles such as countertops or spice dressers which give character and authenticity to the kitchen. If you like to hunt around, you should find your happiness over the flea markets… Otherwise, consider taking a tour at Maisons du Monde which offers a wide range of furniture imprinted in the bistro style of the 60s as we like!

The key accessories of Parisian bistros

Impossible to do without some typical accessories to complete this bistro-style decor! From the old metallic advertising sign to that displaying inscriptions such as "café de Paris" or "comptoir", the walls boast a retro mood. But the list does not stop there! We hang a large blackboard on the wall, as if it winks at the eternal dishes of the day. On the dresser, a panoply of pretty retro metal boxes hide cookies, tea and other delicacies, while we guess the storage of pasta, rice or sugar in a series of glass jars. Vichy textiles, king in the 1950s, must also be an integral part of the decor, on the tablecloth, the tea towels or the place mats. The final touch? An old-fashioned clock with its Roman numerals attached to the wall…