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Stickers to hang your photos on the wall

Stickers to hang your photos on the wall

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The stickers in the shape of a jumble or a frame have made a remarkable entry into the wall decoration. Between trompe l'oeil effect and fantasy, they are a solution of choice to stage your favorite photos. The opportunity to take a closer look at this trend for all rooms and all ages! Bring your photos and vacation memories into the background so that they can be changed and replaced as we wish, it's possible. Here, no question of drilling the wall with a nail to hang one or more frames. No question either of filling up a jumble of photos that will remain unchanged for a long time. We turn to wall supports of a completely different kind: stickers. Their only point in common with the wall frames? Their shape, whether the photographic impression of a real frame or a drawing. By far, the pace is more real than life. Guaranteed trompe l'oeil effect! All you have to do is stick images, postcards or photos in the center of these fancy frames using tape or Patafix and replace them according to your mood! And finally, here is a good address to remember. At Mimi'lou, you will find a nice repositionable adhesive for children in the form of a magnetic wire on which we usually hang with pliers, his favorite photographs. Our creative leisure videos


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