Video: create a centerpiece with flowers

Video: create a centerpiece with flowers

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When it's time to receive guests, we would all like a nice centerpiece to enhance the dining area. The only problem is that we sometimes lack ideas to get started. But that was before discovering the centerpiece here! Both flowery and refined, it will be ideal to welcome your guests in style! Level: easy Completion time : 5 - 10 minutes Indicative cost: 60 €Material needed for a table for 5 people: 5 branches of speegrass + 2 branches of orchids + 5 purple buttercups + 5 Vanda Black Magic orchids + 5 verrines + 5 column vases + 2 decorative vases + transparent pearls Steps : - Place your plates on the table - Arrange the speegrass by making it slightly protrude from the table - Place in the center, two decorative vases - Pour transparent pearls on it - Proceed in the same way with column vases by placing them next to each plate - Scatter verrines on the table - Pour water into each container (decorative vases, column vases and verrines) creating a visual effect of crushed ice - Place the orchids in the two decorative vases - Cut the jewels of the Vandas Black Magic orchids and place them in each verrine - Arrange the buttercups in each column vase - Sprinkle the table with a few transparent pearls - Enhance everything with a few candles The most decorative: choose small plates in a color reminiscent of flowers to place them on the large ones. A simple way to emphasize the harmony of colors and to emphasize flowers!Creation and flowers: Watercolor video id = "0" /


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