Garden furniture: which material to choose?

Garden furniture: which material to choose?

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Plastic, wood, metal, wrought iron or rattan, what is the ideal material to enjoy your garden furniture in the long term? Here are all the advantages of these materials, both trendy and attractive.

Wooden furniture

Wood is a material with many qualities. Solidity, resistance, aesthetics, wood is one of the great favorites of our exteriors. The wooden furniture is offered in different species. Ash, eucalyptus, pine, oak, walnut give very distinct hues, from light to dark. But one cannot speak of a wooden garden furniture without mentioning exotic wood. Noble, beautiful, rot-proof, the species of exotic wood are a benchmark in terms of garden furniture. Among the exotic woods, there is one that gets all the votes, teak. Resistant and warm, this wood never ceases to seduce.

Wrought iron furniture

The garden tables and wrought iron chairs give a touch of elegance and romance to a garden. Among their other qualities, great ease of maintenance because the wrought iron is light. But also a good service life thanks to their treatment against the effects of corrosion, especially due to rust.

Plastic furniture

Plastic furniture has become trendy and no longer has the reputation of being unattractive. Colors have entered, offering varied ranges. In addition, the advantage of plastic furniture is its ease of maintenance, whether it is to get rid of dust or stains. Finally, plastic furniture is the cheapest in the world of outdoor furniture.

Rattan furniture

Rattan furniture crosses the decades without a hitch and dresses many exteriors. Having a lot of character thanks to its braiding, rattan brings the same romantic dimension as wrought iron. Another quality is its ecological aspect. Indeed, the manufacturing has no harmful effect on the culture of the plant of origin. Add that rattan furniture is recyclable.

Resin furniture

Sober and aesthetic, the resin furniture will dress your garden. Maintenance is simple, water and soap are enough. Another quality to note, the resin resists bad weather and the colors of the furniture remain intact over time. The resin furniture is also recognized for its comfort and lightness. Finally, it can be foldable, practical if you have a small surface. * Results of the Unep-Ipsos 2009 survey Buy your new garden furniture or sun lounger at the best price thanks to our comparison service!