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Green tableware for summer picnics

Green tableware for summer picnics

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Opt for eco-friendly tableware for summer picnics. The idea of ​​enjoying a moment of relaxation outdoors will be more and more pleasant for you by choosing picnic tableware in harmony with nature and the environment. In a trendy and original style, the dishes become biodegradable and vegetal to offer you the best during your picnics with friends or family.

Nomadic and ecological dishes

For your lunches on the grass outside, adopt a responsible attitude by going for eco-friendly dishes. Prefer biodegradable dishes made from compacted sugar cane fiber. In addition to being practical and eco-friendly, it is also resistant to hot, cold and water. The biodegradable invests more and more our daily life while facilitating the daily life.

Plant spirit

Revisit the traditional picnic with vegetable dishes. For all nature lovers, this choice remains obvious and essential. This is why there are also bowls and plates in palm leaf sheath, bamboo salad bowls, cutlery in birch wood and cups in cornstarch. Heat resistant, this tableware is ideal for rediscovering the joys of an eco-friendly picnic. Once used, all the elements can be converted into compost. This vegetable tableware comes from a natural rejection of the tree during its growth. With eco-friendly dishes, you can enjoy a picnic while preserving nature.