Babyccino, children's espresso

Babyccino, children's espresso

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When I was little, we had the friend Ricoré. It will therefore be ill-placed, we French, to moralize this new Anglo-Saxon trend of serving espresso to their children, babyccinos. If the babyccino has been around for a while in Australia, it was until now a mixture of frothed milk and chocolate syrup with ginger, a kind of ersatz espresso allowing children to share coffee with their parents. Today, the babyccino has evolved somewhat and in Brooklyn, we now serve babyccinos in which we add a dose of decaffeinated coffee and which can be consumed as soon as we reach the age of two. The doctors were of course questioned about this new practice and they assure that the dose of caffeine is tiny so harmless, even specifying that there is less than in a can of soda (I would not even react to this comparison which implies that a two year old child drinks soda).

Why don't I still like this?

It would not even be for a health issue (see friend Ricoré). This idea of ​​offering an espresso for children bothers me for two reasons. First there is this unpleasant habit of transforming our children into small adults: we stage little girls drinking babyccinos together at the cafe and we have a scene from "Sex and the City" miniature version.
Then we will be surprised that these adorable blond heads emit the desire in five years to want to put on a thong. And parents to complain "Oh young people today!" whereas to find the culprits they should rather look in a mirror. If they grow so fast, it is because we give them the means and sometimes it goes wrong. When we invent the Meetic Junior and Ricard for toddlers, it will be too late to worry. And then honestly, children have better things to do than sit around a table wisely enjoying an espresso with their finger raised to discuss the next presidential elections (if they really want to do it, there is the dinette for that). Randomly: jump with both feet in puddles, run after pigeons, kick in a pile of dead leaves, stick out your tongue ... In short, all these things that we no longer dare to do as adults . Why spoil their fun? I am not saying that the barrier between childhood and adulthood is hermetic but, to choose, I prefer to put my hand in my daughter's Haribo package rather than sharing an espresso with her (already that she is biting me the square of chocolate that goes with). We adults have privileges that children do not have and that is what makes them want to grow. Second completely subjective and selfish reason: coffee, I keep it to myself! We no longer have the right to smoke and we must drink in moderation. If in addition, when going to the cafe, you have to watch your language because at the next table, you serve babyccinos, I wonder where you can finally lead your adult life freely. We will only have the swingers clubs to be between big and I admit that it only excites me moderately.
As much as I do not appreciate that a restaurateur backs me up on the pretext that he has no room for my stroller while the room is empty (because he obviously takes me for an idiot), as much I want to continue to to be able to talk about my sexual problems * with my friends over a glass of Chardonnay without the waiter interrupting me with a "Madame, please, there are children here who eat their babyccino and who are offended by your words. " I adore my children and I like spending time with them but when I go out, it is precisely to escape and to be able to speak like an adult, about adult things, to adults. And still I have children, so I am rather magnanimous when I meet other parents apologizing for being with their children. When I see a mother struggling with her offspring screaming on the train, I don't sigh, I send her a smile of comfort because I understand her dismay. So if this idea of ​​babyccino scares me, I can't even imagine the state of disarray that adults who have no children can be in! For once, we will no longer have the right to sighs but to real expressions of hatred towards our babies and frankly, we will have looked for it! As we say around here "Everyone at home and the children will be better brought up" ... or something like that! ** Obviously I have NO sexual problems, it was just for you to understand the idea ... Sources: Courrier Picard, Brooklyn Paper and everywhere on the net.