Meeting with decorator Sophie Ferjani

Meeting with decorator Sophie Ferjani

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Impossible not to know Sophie Ferjani because she is one of the essential decorators of the show Maison à Vente and 100% Mag on M6. She also has her own decoration consultancy Les Jolies Choses. She gave us some of her precious time to make us discover her universe.

Could you tell us more about your background?

I followed a training in applied arts, at the Olivier de Serre school, then I worked for 7 years in advertising before creating my company, at the end of 2005. I do decoration and interior architecture consulting for the details. In 2007, I received one of these unexpected emails: a decorator casting to co-present a program: Maison à Vente. For 2 years, I joined the team of 100% MAG in which I am a decoration columnist. I write my subjects, I take part in the shooting: the dream because I have total freedom! And maybe a surprise for the start of the school year, but… Shhh !!!

You are a decorator on the very popular House for Sale show, tell us about your role.

I assist Stéphane Plaza to help families sell their property better and faster. The principle of my intervention is to see the potential of a place, to visualize everything that can block a sale in terms of interior architecture, layout, small works and decoration and to correct these defects. Finally I highlight the property for sale by bringing that little extra that makes us have a crush.

Do you think that the principle of home staging should apply to decoration in general?

Attention, you should not confuse Home staging and sober decoration! Home staging is real estate development with the aim of selling! Decorating with the aim of selling is therefore one of the facets of decoration, but not decoration in general, and fortunately! When you do home staging, you have to do a neutral decor, which fades in favor of the house, its volumes, its spaces. It is therefore very often neutral and too bland for my taste! When you live in a place you need to appropriate the decoration, to feel good there, to put your personal touch! Now, it is true that it would be good for a lot of interiors to apply some simple principles of home staging like: tidy up / depersonalize a little / repair!

You also own your Les Jolies Choses decoration company, what do you offer?

I only do decoration and interior architecture consultancy; that is to say that my clients question me not to delegate everything but so that I help them find the most beautiful decor ideas, the best amenities that will suit their place and their lifestyle. Next, it's up to them to apply these tips! I like to work in this way, with people who want to learn and invest in their home rather than with customers who pay to do it for them!

Do you have a specialty?

That of adapting to the desires of my clients and to the different places of life!

How is your interior?

My house of the moment is a house which is 100 years old, in millstone. She breathes the joy of living, the little steps of the children on the creaky old painted floor, the convivial kitchen. It is a family home, as I wanted, colorful and beautiful materials and which tells a story. I think that we must remain humble in front of a place which is older than us and accept that we are only the holder of the keys for a few years; do not distort a place, respect it. He was there before us and will still be there after we leave!

Do you have decorative advice accessible to all to give?

Do not necessarily try to copy the pages of magazines or the big trends of the moment in total look. BE INSPIRED and put your personal touch!