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Fashion does not make a crease

Fashion does not make a crease

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Next Tuesday, Paris will be buzzing with Ready-to-Wear Fashion Week. As proof that the fashion world is apart, the week therefore begins on a Tuesday and lasts 9 days (from February 28 to March 7) but let's not sulk our pleasure, we will finally know what dress sauce we are going to be eaten this automme. For the occasion, Rowenta has decided to help fashionistas in distress by creating a specially dedicated iron: the "Partner of Fashion" iron.

What's special about this iron?

This is obviously the first question that I asked myself and that will no doubt be posed by the fashionista who still has a brain despite everything that we can hear on her. - It is marked on it "Official Partner of Fashion" just to show that we don't use everyone's iron, we use fashion iron, a bit like the t-shirt on which we have the wholesale Chanel logo on the front. - It has the Microsteam 400 technology, that is to say that its sole is made up of 400 micro holes so that the steam is well distributed.
- It has a precision tip to go and find the most difficult corners like under the shirt collar. - It has a lot of other technical characteristics such as a power of 2400 Watts, a variable steam from 0 -40 g / mn, a pressing function 150 g / mn, vertical smoothing, anti-drip systems and self-cleaning, a 0.3 l tank, a comfort handle and a 2 m cord.

Yes but what's really special about this iron?

Since you insist, I went to take a look at the Rowenta site to check if we hadn't refurbished an existing iron on which we had added Fashion to make us buy it more expensive. Obviously I found a Rowenta iron with exactly the same technical characteristics as this iron (the Rowenta Focus DW5010 steam iron) except that it does not have the same colors and that in reality it is more expensive! Here is finally what is special about this iron, it is cheaper than the one offered by the brand (€ 54.49 against € 59.99 in retail price) which makes it rather a good deal. After this is a limited edition so it may be less obvious to find but we can rest assured, Rowenta does not take fashionistas for brainless consumers. "Partner of Fashion" steam iron, Rowenta, DW5025, € 54.49, available from March 15, 2012


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