Can we put wallpaper on brick?

Can we put wallpaper on brick?

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Question from Françoise


Answer: opt for a coating before upholstering or prefer paint

Hello Françoise, you are looking for solutions to lighten the walls of your living room / dining room which are made of bricks and which make your interior sad. The wallpaper requires preparation of your walls. They must be coated first in order to smooth out any roughness, then sand them to make the whole uniform and finally, apply a printing sub-strain before applying the wallpaper. You can also paint them, it will give a slightly loft side to your room. Again, since the brick is porous, it is important to apply a bonding undercoat before applying the paint. A shade like lacquered white will accentuate the contemporary side of painted brick. It will also bring great clarity to the room. You too, send us your decoration question