I keep smart even outside

I keep smart even outside

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No more rain-soaked chair cushions and damaged lanterns after a stormy day. No more going back and forth to the cellar to find what you need for relaxation or a meal in the sun. Quickly, we adopt storage tips outside to help us reign in order and practicality on the balcony, on the terrace and in the garden! All thanks to a selection of smart accessories and furniture.

Seating with chest

Ideal for hiding small accessories, benches and garden benches with integrated trunk provide us with many services, and this, in all discretion. And for good reason. By taking a seat, no one would suspect that there is a real tote: a collection of candle jars, a tablecloth, soft cushions, games for children, a watering can, dishes and a cover of deckchair. In short, that essential to live outside so as to have them at hand if necessary, and out of sight when not in use.

Cabinets or storage shelters

If they take up more space, outdoor cabinets and shelters are nonetheless unbeatable for storage. The first generally allow you to fit two or three bulky garden accessories: the barbecue, the lawnmower, the hammock ... The second are real rooms where you can align bikes, outdoor furniture, maintenance equipment for the garden, store of wood and other objects of all kinds intended for the summer season and for life outside.