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How to transform your veranda into a jewel of light?

How to transform your veranda into a jewel of light?

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You have finally offered yourself the veranda of your dreams. If its layout is important, artificial lighting is just as important to make it a real place of healing! While it is bathed in natural light during the day, it would be a shame if it becomes sad and dull once the darkness comes ... Here are some tips, to practice yourself or with the help of a Electricity professional for a bright and warm veranda!

Lighting suitable for verandas, kesako?

If you have not yet had your veranda built, the ideal is to provide a lighting system with low-voltage spotlights, directly integrated into the tubular structure of the roof. The light is thus distributed evenly while remaining very discreet. In the case of a wooden veranda, the spots can also be distributed in the false ceiling. It is recommended to install a 35Watt light point for 2m² of surface, even if this is not a final rule. On a 20m² veranda it will therefore be advisable a minimum of 10 light points. Depending on certain criteria (use of the veranda, type of roof used) the number of light points may vary. The light points will be distributed homogeneously, the led being the most convincing lighting system in terms of light rendering, price and lifespan. The specialists in this area are EMC ( and DVL Lighting ( When the veranda has a large glass roof, the central chandelier becomes a highly appreciated decorative element! You will choose it according to the style of your veranda: with tassels for a baroque atmosphere, in wood for a countryside or nature spirit, in wrought iron for a decor imprinted with retro ...

Light effects

Once the main lighting is in place, you can add table lamps, sconces, garlands to multiply the light sources! It's up to you to create different light atmospheres according to the spaces of your veranda: dining area, reading, winter living room ... Remember to respect the right dosage so that the veranda is neither too dark nor too aggressively lit. Plants also have the right to their lighting: with a little imagination, you can create real plays of lights with the foliage, while highlighting the architecture of your veranda!