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101 dalmatians for a deco of hell

101 dalmatians for a deco of hell

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At the height of its 50 years, the Disney masterpiece "The 101 Dalmatians" has not aged a bit. On August 8, he will join the Blu-ray collection to immerse ourselves in the crazy history of our favorite puppies in high definition. In the meantime, in the decor, their legendary black spots have been named "trend to follow". Cruella d'Enfer has only to be careful!

Animal coat as inspiration

After the tawny prints stitched on the leopards or tigers' coats, the zebra, crocodile or giraffe prints, what could be more natural than to draw inspiration from the best friend of man? The Dalmatian breed has the knack of having a naturally stylized coat with its black oval spots on a white background, revealing elegance and tenderness. Who said that animal decoration was necessarily ethnic style?

Black and white look

Another reason to borrow the spotted white look of Pongo, Perdita and their 99 puppies? Boost a very black and white decor without going out of the color code. Then just take out the Dalmatian card in small touches: on the dishes, on the sofa cushions on a vase or on a plaid. What rhythm and brighten the table, the sofa, the chest of drawers or the bed with a fancy twist. Nothing prevents us either from mixing in the decor this print with other black and white patterns such as houndstooth, geometric figures, polka dots or zebra shapes in order to subtly accentuate the play of opposites "black & white ".