"Felines" brings the African savannah into the children's room

"Felines" brings the African savannah into the children's room

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"Felines" is the sublime Disney film released last month on the lives of lions and cheetahs in Kenya. A true story since it was directly filmed in the savannah where these animals mix in an environment of the wildest in the world. Between the life cycle of these predators and the beauty of African lands, this film has everything to captivate children and even inspire the decor of their room if they fell in love with Africa! It takes little to the savannah, its animals and its landscapes to invite itself in the room of the little wolves! A lion-shaped animal trophy hanging above the desk sets the tone while the silhouette of a giant baobab is drawn on the wall. Imagine also a giant leopard plush lying on the ground, a chair whose seat has the shape of a giraffe, a leopard stool and zebra cushions on the bed! On the stickers side, our two favorites are: the elephant like vintage wallpaper from the 60s at File dans ta Chambre which populates the room very gently and the Delamaison giraffe sticker in the shape of a meter which allows toddlers to measure themselves! We also like the friezes, the bed linen or the carpets bringing together the main animals of the savannah or a geographical map of Africa hanging on the wall ...


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