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Video: grow your own peppers

Video: grow your own peppers

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Lovers of spicy dishes, want to grow your peppers yourself? Although they are native to South America, it is quite possible to grow peppers in Europe. You even have a wide choice as to the variety. In order to plant them properly, follow Fabien Lahetjuzan's advice and you will have peppers ready to be cooked within two to three months.

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The different species of peppers

There are several kinds of peppers. The best known are those of large size which display various colors. In general, these grow in clusters and they are obviously edible. There is also the smaller Espelette pepper, famous for its use in Basque cuisine.

Plant your peppers

To grow a chili pepper, you obviously need seeds that you must choose carefully according to your tastes and the species you want to grow. You can get soil from a garden center if you want to plant it in a classic pot, or buy sachets of flexible soil, ready to welcome your new peppers. First of all, check that your seeds have been properly packaged in an airtight bag to avoid the risk of rot. Then make a furrow in the ground and immerse the chilli seeds in it. Finally, cover them lightly with potting soil.

The care of peppers

Subsequently, the seeds should be gently watered. It is advisable to bring a spray bottle so as not to damage them. Moisten the soil without wetting it too much, and make small holes under the sachet so that the water circulates and does not stagnate. At first, it is advisable to water daily. As you go, humidify only once every three days, and finally only once a week when the peppers reach their adult size. Generally, their full development takes about three months. You now have all the keys to growing your own peppers. Do not hesitate to test several varieties, and use them as spices in your dishes! Find Growing peppers on Produced by Minute Facile.