Charlotte and Mourad's oriental living room

Charlotte and Mourad's oriental living room

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. MARHABA SHOW: the specialist of the Oriental show Tailor-made Moroccan Salon "Marrakech": 2 benches with armrests 1 corner chest 1 table 2 "Royal Noir" covers 6 cushions 2 poufs 1 Shaggy rug 160 x 220 Black and white mail: [email protected] 1 Mahogany console 120 ZENAKA BIZEN 1 TV stand mahogany COLINE 140 1 Mahogany table 150x90 ACTUO AKA 4 Mahogany chairs 1 Mahogany chest YONG TIKAMOON, Manufacturer of solid furniture at unbeatable prices


. carpet MARHABA FAIR 


. For the realization of the oriental arches: Wall covering in oriental staff decor with moldings ref. 1250G & 1250D and pediments ref. B702 STAFF DECOR 1 Crackled white coconut mosaic mirror Ref: FRM HP COCW 85x85 cm MATAHATI: CREATOR OF SUSTAINABLE FURNITURE. Since 1990 we have been producing sustainable and tailor-made furniture for our customers: Recycled wood manufacturing - mainly solid teak. Use of sustainable and / or renewable materials: coconut, bamboo, pebbles, natural fibers, bone, horn, etc. Manufacture carried out on a case-by-case basis, responding exactly to the needs of our customers. Find the details of our offer and hundreds of photos presenting creations made for our customers in recent years by visiting our site Looking forward to carrying out your project MATAHATI 26, rue Saint Ambroise 75011 Paris Tel 01 58 30 77 20 Tuesday to Saturday, between 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. or by appointment at your convenience. 2 RUBI Frames color Black Dial, Gray and Black Background 2 FLANELLA Frames White 2 BAROCCO Frames gold color REF. 29401- DIM 40 x 50 BRIO, the framing specialist Mural : Dulux Valentine Painting - Colors of the World - Intense Caribbean Dulux Valentine Painting - Colors of the World - Light Nepal Dulux Valentine Architect Painting - Golden Metal Effect Dulux Valentine Architect Painting - Brushed metal effect Dulux Valentine Architect Painting - Matt Infinity - Cast Iron DULUX VALENTINE ARCHITECT range only for sale at Leroy Merlin


. 1 MOKA hanging lamp in Brown fabric 2 Black cylindrical lampshades CASTORAMA


. Golden plates GIFI www.gif "> 5 CALICE curtains in taffeta 140 x 250 cm color Gray CASTORAMA


. THE DRAGEES OF ANAHITA: sugared almonds and prestigious decoration. 1 Oriental Blue and Silver candle mail: [email protected] Melvin door handle set in matt chrome / dark wood color CASTORAMA The candles : P90631 storm lamp DELICATESSE P90548S pillar doors GINKGO P90637 pillar holder CRISTALLIN 3 sizes 23, 27 and 31 cm high P90792 storm lamp MIRANOVA P90795 candle holders MIRANOVA V04279 candle with orange flower scent UL3611 GLOLITE 7 x 15 cm unscented GLOIRE ULO11 7x 12 cm unscented ivory UL3411 GLOLITE 7 x 10 cm unscented IVORY P95416 GARDEN OF CANDLE black orchid scent G34154 candle jars 3 wicks mandarin and mango scent G34630 candle jar 3 wicks starry night scent G24681 candle jars DEFENDED FRUIT capricious plum scent G24136 DEFENSE FRUIT candle jars sensual pear scent G33154 mini candle jar with mandarin and mango scent G33630 mini candle jar with balloon starry scent P99005 drop trays P95417 candle garden "starry night" scent P99002 PRESTIGE candle holder trio V06177 orange flower scent lanterns PARTYLITE Blue flower pots GIFI www.gif ">