Summer trend: I personalize my holiday home

Summer trend: I personalize my holiday home

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This summer, we're going on vacation, heading to the rental booked online. But to avoid being unpleasantly surprised on arrival by the bad taste of the decoration, we first equip ourselves with chic, cheap and light accessories that will make it possible to transform the places so that they look like us . Small topo of the best decorative accomplices that we need.

Illuminate in beauty

In addition to occupying little space in luggage and being easy to transport, tealight holders, lampshades, string lights and lanterns have a significant advantage on the decorative side: they bring enchantment. Imagine a panoply of lanterns placed on the floor, a farandole of colored paper lampshades falling from the ceiling, a light garland running on the living room wall or candle jars distributed on the table. There is nothing to add: their graceful appearance and the subdued light that they diffuse make the atmosphere intimate and a little magical ... Dreamlike night mood for a dream vacation, that cannot be discussed!

Hide the unsightly

Misfortune ! The living room sofa displays an old-fashioned color, the walls display old-fashioned pictures and the table and its worn chairs send us back half a century. Do not panic ! The ephemeral decoration comes to the rescue, the arms loaded with a pretty bed cover intended to cover the sofa, two or three stylized cushions to hide even more everything and a beautiful tablecloth as well as chair cushions to dress up the dining area. As for the paintings, we just delicately remove them from the walls and hide them in a corner of the room. All after having memorized or photographed their location in order to be able to replace them correctly at the end of the stay.

Customize the walls

Slightly worn or simply not beautiful, the walls of the rental look gray. Rather than trying to ignore it during the whole stay, we adopt the alternative: total customization. Here, no wallpaper or paint, but accessories easy to stick, reposition and remove, namely: stickers, masking tape and Patafix. For the first on the list, you can pick up your favorite models, ornamental patterns, silhouettes, decorative letters or trompe-l'oeil, on or before taking it all with you his suitcases. Masking tape, or decorative adhesive, makes it easy to energize walls, whether it is applied by forming false frames, horizontal or vertical stripes, or used for hanging photos. , drawings or postcards, also to stick using Patafix!

Bring your personal touch

Lack the final touch: bring your decorative touch to take over the place once and for all and feel at home in this holiday home. The idea: get out of the useful, and think about all those little details that embellish and brighten up an interior considerably. A shopping bag transforms for example into a flowerpot for the entrance in which one installs flowers picked the same day and a transparent cake pan poked in the kitchen becomes a Zen centerpiece if one takes care to fill with pebbles picked up on the beach ... It's your turn!