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Native to the Andes, the potato comes from the species solanum tuberosum. It is cultivated as a vegetable for its tuber rich in carbohydrates, vitamins and proteins. Its introduction to Europe dates back to the end of the 16th century.

Characteristics of the potato

The plant has deciduous foliage, with lanceolate leaves, present on aerial stems. The tubers are found on underground stems. They keep the necessary nutrients for the plant in reserve. The flower potato appears in summer, at the end of the stems. The potato also produces a fruit, an inedible red berry.

Plant your potatoes well

It is easy to plant potatoes (Solanum tuberosum). Plant them preferably in spring, in a loose soil, rich in humus but not too wet. Space the plants about 40 centimeters and bury the sprouted tubers about 10 centimeters deep. Be sure to offer them a sunny exposure.

Care of the potato

The potato is content with a simple maintenance: it must be buttered when it reaches 20 centimeters high, water it frequently so that the soil is not too dry and suppress weeds. Treatment for Colorado potato beetles, mildew or ringworms may be necessary.

Potato harvest

For "" storage "" potatoes, tubers can be harvested when the leaves begin to turn yellow and are fully ripe. Harvesting takes place earlier (before maturity) for "" early "" potatoes which, therefore, do not keep. In France, the marketing of early potatoes is limited to August 15 of each year (decree of February 18, 2009). After elimination of the injured tubers, the harvest is kept in a ventilated, dry room and protected from light.

Potato Uses

The potato can be cooked in various ways to accompany a dish: fried, mashed, sautéed, country dress, steamed ... It can also be combined with meat or cheese to prepare gratins, mince pie or garnish an omelet. Finally, it can be served cold in a salad with raw vegetables and a vinaigrette sauce.

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