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The water lily (Nymphaea) is an aquatic flower that belongs to the family of nymphaeaceae like the water lily. This plant is native to Europe and is one of the most popular aquatic plants. Both majestic and peaceful, the water lily naturally finds its place in pools of calm water such as ponds or ponds. Claude Monet immortalized him in his impressionist paintings.

Characteristics of the water lily

The water lily plant water lily consists of large, round, floating leaves and beautiful flowers with petals up to ten centimeters. The water lily is a plant who does not like altitude, which explains why it is not found above 800 meters.

Plantation of the water lily

It is during spring that the rhizomes of water lily must be immersed. They must be in pots filled with aquatic soil. Good sunshine will allow the water lily to develop properly and display magnificent white, red, yellow or even purple flowers which bloom during the summer. It can also be grown in an aquarium.

Multiplication of the water lily

To multiply the water lilies, it is possible to divide the rhizomes or to sow seeds at the bottom of pots filled with potting soil which must be immersed 70 cm deep. Avoid placing the water lilies in rough waters as this could harm them.

Water lily maintenance

The water lily flower, like the water lily, requires very little care, the perennial plant flowers every year. It is not useful to water it, but care must be taken to ensure that it does not lack water. If it spreads too much, tear off the rhizomes as they develop.

Enemies of the water lily

Very few diseases can affect the water lily. This plant is very rustic and robust, the agitated waters, aphids and the rot of the collar can however weaken it. Ducks and muskrats like to eat their rhizomes.

Uses of water lily

More than one beauty and relaxation salon has chosen its name as a brand. The Nymphea Lotus, star of the banks of the Nile, was already present in the time of ancient Egypt as shown by the engravings that have come down to us. It has become a raw material for perfumery. In Asia, the water lily is cooked: its flowers are used for making tea, its roots are eaten in salads and its seeds have calming properties.



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