A table decoration for Easter in bright colors

A table decoration for Easter in bright colors

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Want to make your decoration and prepare a nice Easter table to receive family and friends. We offer you several Easter DIY ideas. Yellow, orange and lime green invite themselves to your table to create a fresh and bright atmosphere. Flowers and chocolate eggs will be the key elements of this table decoration. imagined this table decoration with spring touches for the pleasure of young and old. Here are some tips and tricks, let us guide you through our production steps…

Step 1: The vegetable table runner

What you need: 1 anise green nonwoven table runner It will bring the touch of color necessary for your spring table decor. Above all, opt for a white or ecru linen or cotton topping. Run your table runner over the entire length of your table and let the 2 sides drop. Then arrange your glasses, plates and cutlery.

Step 2: A flowery centerpiece for Easter

What you need: 1 tealight holder or 1 tall vase, yellow roses and foliage, anise green "aqua" beads, a few pieces of driftwood and anise green and orange satin ribbon Place the vase in the center of your table, arrange the "aqua" pearls then pour a small bottom of water. Form, using yellow roses and some pretty leaves, a high bouquet then prick it in the pearls. To perfect this pascal centerpiece, wrap the vase playing with the orange satin ribbon and the anise green ribbon. Finally, for Easter, play the nature card and sprinkle a few pieces of driftwood all around the base of the vase!

Step 3: A flowery and sunny towel

What you need: yellow napkins, 1 strip of anise green nonwoven and self-adhesive sisal flowers Cut a piece of nonwoven stripe, coordinated with the table runner, of around 20 cm. Staple it to form a napkin ring and then slip the rolled napkin into it. Final touch: glue a small sisal flower on top of the napkin ring, available in a pretty shade of greens.

Step 4: The brand place nature

What you need: 1 sheet of lime green tracing paper, 1 hole punch, 1 black felt, 1 reel of lime green velvet lace, small bundles of wood Cut small labels of 5 cm x 2 cm from the sheet of paper layer then use the hole punch to make a hole in one of the corners. Write the first name of your guests and attach each of the labels to a small bundle of wood using a 15 cm piece of velvet lace. You just have to place them near the plates of your guests.

Step 5: The gift of guests, we opt for Easter chocolates!

What you need: chocolate eggs, supports for wicker eggs, orange and anise green satin ribbon To eat! to brighten up your plates and fill your guests, offer them a chocolate egg and its wicker support decorated by you. offers to customize these wicker supports by winding all around, alternately, 2 pieces of orange and anise green satin ribbons. Place this inventive gift in the center of each plate and your Easter table is ready. A few decor ideas and accessories are enough to create details full of charm and cheerfulness! And you, what have you planned to celebrate Easter? Show us your pretty tables on our Facebook page!


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