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How to plant and prune avocado?

How to plant and prune avocado?

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Characteristics of avocado

  • Type: fruit tree
  • Height: up to 10m
  • Flower color: yellow
  • Fruit name: lawyer
  • Desired exposure: sunny
  • Foliage: persistent
  • Sanitizing: no
  • Diseases and pests: the mushrooms
  • Varieties: fuerte, hass, lula, ettinger, nabal

Origins and characteristics of avocado

Belonging to the Lauraceae family, avocado is a fruit tree native to Mexico and Central America. Its name comes from the word "ahuacatl" meaning "testicle" to recall the shape of its fruit. While it is now widely cultivated throughout the world in countries with tropical and subtropical climates, avocado owes its origin to the central and western Mexican mountains, especially in the area of ​​Guatemala. We even find a historical trace of its presence in the caves of the Tehuacan valley.

Being able to reach 15 meters in height in a natural environment, the avocado tree reveals a broad and bushy crown, at the top of a trunk with cracked bark. Its leaves are oval and green, and do not fall until the new foliage has arrived, giving this impression of permanent color to the tree.

In France, avocado is mainly grown indoors.

Above all famous for the avocado, the avocado tree gives this fruit which is from a botanical point of view considered as a berry from 7 to 20 cm long, for a weight between 100 grams and 1 kg.

Avocados are edible and very good for your health. These are fruits rich in lipids and vitamins. Avocado should always be eaten fresh and raw, as it cannot withstand cooking.

Avocado plantation

The avocado requires a tropical climate, making it difficult for individuals to grow it, especially in France. However, growing avocado in apartments is possible with a smaller species.

Very good results are obtained by burying one or more nuclei in light earth. You can also insert three toothpicks into each core to be placed on a glass filled with water so that only the base of the core does not come into contact with water. As soon as the roots reach two centimeters, it is enough to plant the nucleus in a pot, in moist potting soil.

Put your avocado tree in a pot near a window in the sun or in a semi-shaded location. It is a tree that requires a lot of light to be able to grow.

Choose a drilled pot so that the soil is well drained. If necessary, do not hesitate to add a layer of clay balls to the bottom of the pot to ensure good drainage. Fill the pot with horticultural compost rich in substrate, then tamp down.

In France, it is almost impossible to plant your avocado tree in the ground and grow it. However, if you wish, you can plant your avocado tree in the spring. Help him to root properly by installing a stake.

Cultivation of avocado

If you want to see pot grow avocado, watering should be regular. However, it should not be excessive. Watering should be reduced as it grows. During the hot season, misting the foliage is recommended. The avocado tree needs its substrate to be always moist.

It is necessary to remove any dry or yellowed leaves. It is advisable to add specific soil or fertilizer during the summer to obtain beautiful foliage. The size of avocado should only be used to remove gourmands and dead wood.

You can repot your avocado tree every two or three years. This allows it to continue to develop.

Diseases and pests of avocado

The avocado risk of being damaged in the event of excess water responsible for the occurrence of fungi. It can also be attacked by red spiders, which then cause yellowing of its foliage. To prevent their appearance, spray the leaves regularly.


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