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Ocher in decoration

Ocher in decoration

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Ecological, aesthetic, it has everything to please! Powerful natural dye, ocher is a real asset in decoration. Mixed with paint for your walls, combined with concrete for your floors, it will enhance your interior as well as your exterior.

What is ocher?

Ocher is an iron oxide naturally found in sand. On average, 80% of sand contains 20% of ocher. Separated from the sand, according to a complex technical process, the ocher is then purified and then ground. Reduced to a powder state, it will make it possible to color any binder such as paint, lime, cement, etc. Its color will however vary depending on the region of extraction. Orange, red and yellow remain the dominant colors in the quarries of the south of France when in the North, they are the hues of brown.

An authentic spirit

Whatever its use, ocher will bring a real singularity to all your surfaces. Mixed with a base of colored paint, it will allow you to obtain a unique shade. You can also keep its natural color by mixing it with varnish or a wax. A perfect mix for skating or giving your furniture a second life. Finally, combined with concrete, it gives an authentic and very trendy character to your floors. Mixed with lime, it will also be ideal for making a whitewash on your exterior walls. However, be careful: ocher remains a dye and only your binder will give the final result. So be sure to choose it according to the work you want to undertake.

A natural product

100% natural and ecological, ocher also has the great advantage of not being toxic. As proof, it is used in the composition of certain cosmetic products. You can therefore use it without fear and this in all your rooms including in the children's room. Simple to use, inexpensive, ocher is nevertheless not very marketed in France. Only a few brands reference the product. For more information and information: and