Prune a rose bush

Prune a rose bush

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What is the size of roses for?

It is necessary to prune roses to allow them to produce better and make the plant more vigorous.

When to prune your rose bush?

The best period for pruning roses is, depending on its kind, in the middle or at the end of winter. However, in case of frost, do not prune your plant. It is also useful to prune roses during the summer which will not bloom again like non-rising roses, or in the middle of autumn for rising roses.

What to prune?

The first step is to cut dead, weak or puny branches to keep only the healthy elements. It is also necessary to cut the branches too long even if they are healthy. Otherwise, they will tend to weaken your rose bush. The ideal size depends on the type of rose bush.

Precautions to take

When pruning your rose bush, you must take precautions for the plant and for yourself. In particular, you must wear gloves and be up to date with your tetanus vaccination. Disinfected and sharpened tools will protect your roses from diseases.


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