How to age wood?

How to age wood?

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Question from Margaux


Answer: to give an aged appearance, skate your object!

Hello Margaux, to age the wood and give an old spirit to your box, I recommend the patina. First, take a preparation plaster, 3 or 4 colors of special patina paint (same tone), colorless wax, brushes and an old sponge. Make sure your surface is perfectly smooth and clean. Then apply a coat of special wood preparation type "gesso" to regularize the surface of your box. You will apply it generously with a medium-sized brush. Then allow the plaster to dry for at least two hours. Apply a first coat of paint using a color with high covering power. Once the paint is dry, lightly apply a layer of wax over it, rubbing in the direction of the fiber with a sponge. In addition to the first layer, it is the other layers of paint, of different colors that will give your furniture its weathered appearance. Apply them by rubbing the paint with your fingertips, color after color, from the darkest to the lightest, passing a layer of wax between each different shade. If the patina is not suitable for you after drying, you can always accentuate it by rubbing the wood with coarse sandpaper (25-40). You too, send us your decoration question