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Green manures

Green manures

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Green manure: what is it?

It is a temporary crop which aims to improve the quality of the soil. It is carried out with fast-growing plants, which makes it possible to provide the soil with many nutrients for the next crop and to stop soil erosion and the leaching of nitrates. Green manure is also called CIPAN (intermediate nitrate trap culture).

What plants can be grown as green manure?

Many plants can be grown as green manure. It is possible to plant white mustard, radish, alfalfa, rye, oats, nettle, sunflower or even red clover. The selection must be made according to the cost of the plant, the purpose of planting or the ease of cultivation. Several green manures can be combined on the same land.

Conditions for effective cultivation

For green manure to be completely effective and profitable, the crop must be inexpensive and be able to withstand possible bad weather. CIPAN should be done before winter or spring crops.

Benefits beyond culture

The fertilizer also serves as a refuge for local wildlife and prevents pollution.