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Natural fibers: green soil by nature

Natural fibers: green soil by nature

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An alternative to carpet and PVC, natural fibers now cover our floors, to the delight of natural enthusiasts in the home. Coconut, sisal, seagrass ... natural fibers are invited to the ground in our homes. Resistant and easy to maintain, these natural floor coverings are the result of a flat weaving of vegetable fibers bonded to a latex, felt, jute or cotton underlay. They offer a firm surface that insulates from the cold and regulates humidity by absorbing excess moisture and returning it when the air becomes drier. Relatively recent on the flexible floor market, vegetable fiber floor coverings are the result of research and innovation. With their natural visual rendering from the most raw to the most sophisticated, they perfectly fit the trend of a nature house, while being reasonably priced. These vegetable soils are very popular today. The fibers are bleached but also dyed, woven in a jacquard way, framed with colored loops when treated in carpets ... The designers get involved to give birth to sophisticated products without appearing to be and much more upscale than originally. Some manufacturers mix vegetable fibers together (sisal and wool, sisal and paper, etc.) to create even more interesting products. Furthermore, some manufacturers try their hand at working with materials such as linen, cotton, raffia, hemp, horsehair or straw. Even if this production remains marginal to date, the trend is asserting itself and could well invest our soils more widely in the years to come.


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