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Feature: The new back-to-school kitchens

Feature: The new back-to-school kitchens

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Back to school is cooking season! In fact, it's time to discover the novelties of kitchen designers who offer very trendy models. The tone is then set for the whole year. Discover the collections of Ikea, Fly, Darty, Cuisinella and even Aviva.

Trendy lines

Whether you are a fan of design or prefer classic lines, the back to school season will have something to seduce you. On one side you will find kitchens with a bold and very refined design and on the other you can choose kitchens that subtly combine the charm of tradition and modernity of the lines.

Trendy colors

In terms of colors, you will find kitchens that display pop colors but also models that black sublimates for a very elegant style. The colors also blend within the same model to give a very graphic look. And this season, it's the wood color in a clear essence that is unanimous. Whether in work plan or in total look, wood offers a very natural aspect to the kitchen. Find out what's new in cooking.


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