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File: summer furniture and eco-friendly objects

File: summer furniture and eco-friendly objects

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If summer is the holiday season, ecology doesn't take it! On the contrary, also in summer we can preserve the planet by opting for eco-friendly furniture and accessories with a summer and trendy look! Zoom on the eco-friendly decor of summer.

Green garden furniture

In the garden, select environmentally friendly furniture! Recycled or in responsible wood, we invite you to discover the decorative furniture for this summer. We also offer you our advice on how to choose it, taking care of the different labels and origins of each product. Follow the guide !

Green accessories

Because summer is also the picnic season, offers you all the dishes you need for lunches on green grass! You will discover biodegradable plates, bamboo cutlery and cornstarch cups to limit waste harmful to the environment. In terms of decoration, solar energy is on the rise and will allow you to light up your garden and create a luminous atmosphere without consuming electricity. Similarly, to avoid energy consumption, we suggest that you rediscover the garden with a manual mower or a hand weeder. The garden will be beautiful and ecological! And take advantage of the summer to discover the green that lies dormant in you by answering the questions of our psychotest "Which ecological are you?". You may be surprised by the result!