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Feature: cinema as a source of decorative inspiration!

Feature: cinema as a source of decorative inspiration!

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February is not only the shortest month of the year. It is also the month of BAFTA, Césars and Oscars, a concentrate of awards for the big family of cinema! Everything to capsize the decor on the side of the 7th art ... Especially since there are multiple ways to achieve it:

Featured 7th art icons

The art gallery wall decors are very trendy. Imagine that you were inserting photographs from feature films or collector shots of great actors taken during a shooting or an event. In two steps, three movements, the chosen personalities take on the task of reinventing the decor from a chic cinephile angle.

Furniture and objects taken from movie sets

Another possibility to sow the cinema style in the decoration? Opt for an object or piece of furniture that alone embodies the atmosphere of the shootings: a mirror with light bulbs in the star's star style, a director's chair, a floor lamp in the shape of a projector…

The concept of home cinema at home

What fan of cinema (fan or moderate) does not dream of having a home theater where to watch films as in a dark room (or almost)? Flat screen, latest generation speakers, relaxing sofa, paint suitable for showing a film on an overhead projector: the possibilities are numerous but the rendering is always magical!

Films as a source of decorative inspiration

Cult films and films of the moment have the potential to inspire our interior. Thus, "Tintin", "Harry Potter" or "Snow White" are sources of idea to design a nursery in explorer, wizard or princess style. In the same vein, films such as "The Artist" or "Les misérables" dictate themes (black and white, literature) to be used as a common thread in its decor! Discover all our subjects combining 7th art and decoration:


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